FRCR 2B Viva: A Case-based Approach


Paul S. Sidhu Suzanne Ryan Phillip F.C. Lung

Rok wydania2013
Ilość stron300
Format170 x 240 mm

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Candidates are required to review cases over a wide range of conditions and investigations. The ideal situation for the examinee would be to deliver the ideal answer.
This book provides a wide range of material that can be expected to be presented in the examination.
Each illustrated case has a model answer that will ensure maximum marks for the examinee. Every chapter will contain a discussion field where common questions are considered.
There are 7 chapters with 20 cases per chapter. Multiple b/w photographs are included per case to demonstrate the disease process. Differential diagnoses, teaching points, and summary boxes are provided for each case. Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiology (FRCR) is an internationally recognized accreditation and a national assessment mechanism for those undergoing formal specialist training in clinical radiology in the UK. It is necessary to practice as a consultant in the UK, and is viewed as an international standard for radiology exams. Many trainees from the Indian subcontinent and several Arab and Asian countries sit for FRCR as well as their own national exams, and the number doing so has increased significantly over the recent years. The exams are held in London, but the RCR runs two Joint Final FRCR Part B examinations per year with its partners in Singapore (Singapore Radiological Society) and Hong Kong (Hong Kong Royal College).
The current format of the Final FRCR 2B examination consists of three parts: reporting session, rapid reporting session, and two viva (oral) examinations. The book is intended for the preparation for the viva examination, which the majority of candidates find the most difficult to pass.

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