CT Colonography: A Guide for Clinical Practice


Thomas Mang Wolfgang Schima

Rok wydania2013
Ilość stron220
Format193 x 270 mm

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A users manual for CT colonography and a guide to precise and accurate diagnosis.

CT colonography is a modern minimally invasive technique that enables evaluation of the entire colon.
This book provides a concise overview of the examination technique and the interpretation of results.
Clinical practice experience for use in clinical practice focusing on techniques that are quickly and readily applied in clinical and private settings.
For those who want to learn more about the technique, this book provides a simple introduction to CT colonography, while for the experienced examiner it offers further tips on how to improve examination technique and avoid common pitfalls.
This book includes:
• Clearly-divided diagnostic and methodological sections
• Four-color printing throughout with clear arrangement of text and images
• Discussion of common examination and analysis techniques based on international standards (indications, protocols for patient preparation, CT data acquisition, etc.)
• More than 420 outstanding images, including 176 color images, that clearly illustrate diagnostic criteria and differential diagnoses
• Tips for well-structured documentation and reports of findings
• Key aspects highlighted in tables and boxes The fastest way to higher quality examination

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